Domestic Power Factor Correction - FAQ

Q.  Can power factor correction save KWHrs in a domestic environment?
A. No, The addition of power factor correction may reduce the current drawn, but will not cause your meter to run slower.

Q.  Does power factor correction make motors run more efficiently?
A. If you connect the correct value of capacitors in the supply to an induction motor, you will reduce the current flow from the supply to the point where the capacitors are connected. If you measure the current in the supply between the capacitors and the motor, you will find that the current does not change. The current into the motor is independent of the connection of the capacitors. The efficiency of the motor is unchanged.

Q.  Does power factor correction make motors run cooler?
A. No, the motor losses are not changed so the temperature rise of the motors remains the same.

Q.  Does power factor correction reduce energy consumed?
A. No, the addition of power factor correction will reduce the current drawn from the supply in situations where there is an inductive current flowing and the correction is equal to or less than the inductive current. The reduction in current can reduce the losses in the supply, but no appreciable loss reduction will occur within the residence.